Hello χαιρετισμός

Welcome to www.nocountryforoldboots.com
We will be adding to the site regularly with progress reports on the expedition so please come back and pay us a visit soon.

Update 21/02/18

I would like to thank Kathmandhu for assisting the project in the form of sponsorship.

Their contribution will make a positive difference.

Update 14/02/18

Due to unforeseen circumstance the journey to Crete will now take place this september instead of the original planned months of May and June.
Despite not being there for the Anniversary the extra time will allow for more preparation and further funding.

Update 1/07/17


After extensive research and the help of some good people,i will be choosing the DJI Mavic Air for the aerial sequences to be shot on Crete.

The size and portability along with the image quality of this drone will make it possible for me to bring my own film crew along for the ride.