Photo Gallery

The shoreline of Paleochora 77km south of Chania  Crete on the Libyan sea looking eastwards in the direction of Sfakia.                                                          photo m smythe 2015
A 1945 dated example of a standard New Zealand Army boot which has slight differences to that of the British,Australian and Canadian versions.


One of the views of Askifou Looking east down on part of the fertile plateau.
photo m smythe 2015


Looking down on the Askifou plateau, This view was seen more than once by the stream of men heading south towards Sfakia.                                                            photo m smythe 2015



Entry path into the Imbros gorge.

A series of photos taken on the walk through the Imbros gorge in 2015.

German wartime postcard depicting a British Shorts wearing Gebirgsjager (Mountain Trooper) watching over British POW’S whist the village of Sphakia smoulders in the background after repeated bombing by German aircraft.