Expedition details 2021

A return to Crete in 2021 is planned.

It was intended to travel to Crete later this year (2020) but to coincide with the 80th anniversary next year I will be now returning to Crete in 2021.

This will enable me to gather more information, piece together personal accounts with current day locations and participate in the anniversary.

Expedition details 2018

The  path taken in 1941 by thousands of Allied soldiers in the end stages of  the Battle of Crete will be retraced.

A journey for all that was made of Extreme Hardship,endurance and determination to say the least.

Commencing in early September 2018 This journey will help reveal as much of the original route taken as possible , unfolding personal accounts from both sides,  war diaries, official histories and original personal photographs taken by German troops during the arduous journey from one side of the island of Crete to the other and back.

Using modern technologies such as Google Earth and Drone footage  i will be able to locate present day locations in order to present a “then and now” photographic  experience.

More details of this expedition will be added over the coming months.